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Aveox is pleased to announce our Company-wide (4/10) compressed work schedule

In order to help our Employees better balance the demands of professional and personal responsibilities, we have officially moved to a 4-day work week. Effective November 6, 2018, employees will work 10hrs per day Monday through Thursday and have Friday through Sunday off. 

This new benefit provides employees the flexibility to balance work and personal demands while allowing our Company to operate in a competitive, agile, and efficient manner.  We are confident that this change will help our employees achieve balance between professional and personal life while maintaining Aveox’s overall commitment to exceptional quality and customer service.

If you require assistance during off hours, please contact an Aveox “on call” customer service representative at +1.805.915.0200.  

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Aveox launches new ST Series of BLDC Motors at the 2018 AUVSI Unmanned Vehicle Expo

Members of the Aveox Team meet with industry leading UAV Manufacturers at the AUVSI International Expo to debut the latest Standard Product offerings including the Superior Torque "ST" series frameless BLDC motors, controllers and power conversion electronics for mission critical applications.

Aveox's new on-line catalog of high efficiency Frameless Motors developed for mission critical applications launched at AUVSI

Aveox's new on-line catalog of high efficiency Frameless Motors developed for mission critical applications launched at AUVSI

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Aveox Executes Long-Term Supply Agreement with ThinKom Solutions

Aveox is proud to announce announce the recent signing of a multi-year Agreement to supply ThinKom Solutions with proprietary components for the satellite antenna system used in the Gogo 2Ku In Flight Entertainment and Communications System (IFEC).  The entire Aveox Team is excited to be part of this technically influential Commercial Aerospace program. 

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Aveox participates in the 2017 CWIEME Coil Winding Expo

Aveox CEO, David Palombo, meets with industry experts to discuss advancements in coil winding and related technologies which will enable the development of more efficient Power Systems for Electric Vehicles (EV), Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV).  

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Aveox and AeroVironment Celebrate over 13,000 deliveries of the Raven SUAV!

Aveox, a Pioneer in UAV propulsion and AeroVironment, celebrate over 13,000 deliveries of the Raven SUAVs to a variety of global operators, making it the most widely used UAV of it's kind.  

Aveox is thankful for our longstanding partnership with AeroVironment and proud to play a key role in this influential UAV program!

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