Aveox has been a premier supplier to the Aerospace Industry for over two decades. We've earned this reputation by providing high reliability motors controllers and power solutions to top Military and Commercial OEMs and subcontractors world wide.  Customers count on the Aveox Team to meet the technical challenges that others cannot.  We pride ourselves on our "CAN DO" attitude combined with our ability to meet or exceed stringent industry specifications.  


Aerospace Program Experience

  • Boeing - 787, P-8A, F/A-18
  • Airbus - A350, A380, A400M
  • Lockheed Martin - F-35
  • Embraer - KC390
  • Bombardier - G6000
  • Sikorsky - S-76


When no other suppliers could meet critical specifications and requirements, Aveox was up to the challenge



Our industry leading technological advances and proprietary technology resulted in a 50% weight reduction over traditional solutions presented to AIRBUS. 



A variety of Aveox products currently service the B787 Platform.














Our commitment and focus resulted in the delivery of custom mission critical hardware in 6 months.

Our high-efficiency motors enable continuous duty cycle, providing non-stop operation on every rescue mission.

Our high-efficiency motors enable continuous duty cycle, providing non-stop operation on every rescue mission.



Aveox provides MRO support products for the F-18

A sampling of products designed specifically for Aerospace applications can be found below

SEGMENTED CURVED LINEAR MOTORS for Aircraft KU/KA band Antenna Systems used on commercial Aircraft

  • Zero cogging for ultra smooth motion
  • Withstands extreme low temperature 
  • Enables motion of large diameter, low profile planar surfaces
  • Gearhead for torque optimization
  • Commutation signals (UVM)
  • Incremental quadrature encoder with index (ABZ)
  • Scalable resolution up to 14-bits
  • Electronically programmable index for ease of alignment
Precision Manufactured Linear Motors

Precision Manufactured Linear Motors

WASTE TANK VACUUM GENERATORs for commercial Aircraft

  •  8.0KW, 230VAC, 3 phase input
  •  Power Board
  • Motor Drive with Vienna Rectifier
  • Brushless DC Motor Components
  • Stator
  • Rotor
  • EMI Protection 
image81.jpeg copy copy.jpg

AC/DC Power Converters with 3 PHASE APFC & BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR CONTROLLERs for Military Aircraft

APFC: Meets Boeing & Airbus current harmonics requirement

  • Power on Inrush Current Limit
  • Regen Protection
  • Input voltage: 3-Phase nominal VRMS = 208 VAC L-L

APFC Output voltage power

  • 350 +/- 25VDC @ 3KW
A400 controller.jpg