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Aveox Brushless Permanent Magnet Motors

Our motors are designed for a wide variety of military, commercial aerospace, industrial and medical applications.  

  • Light-Weight/High Power Density 
  • Engineered to Mil and commercial aerospace standards
    • MIL-STD-883 / RTCA DO-160
  • .5” – 36” Diameter
  • Power Levels: .5W – 150KW 
  • Speeds to 120,000 RPM 
  • Frameless & Housed  
  • Extreme Environmental Conditions
    • Temperature Ranges (-80ºC to 315ºC)
    • High Pressure (to 35,000 psi) 
    • Autoclavable (Medical) 
    • Submersible (Oil, Fuel, Coolant) 
    • Gun fire shock
    • Vibration
  • Sealed 
  • Feedback
    • Sensorless 
    • Hall effect sensored 
    • Resolver 
    • Encoder


BLDC Motors for weapons systems

  • Ultra reliable bearing system 
  • Complex sealing solution  
  • Designed for extreme temperature, vibration, shock
  • Proprietary stator/rotor design
  • Specialized housing geometry

High Efficiency BLDC Motors for UAV Applications

  • Optimized for maximum efficiency and power density
  • Excellent torque characteristics & wide speed range
  • Precision Machined to ensure the highest reliability and longest lifespan
  • Designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions and mission critical applications
2017-07-21 17.27 copy.jpg

 Segmented curved linear motors

  • Used on aircraft KU/KA band antenna systems
  • Enables motion of large diameter, low profile planar surfaces
  • Zero cogging for ultra smooth motion
  • Designed to withstands extreme low temperatures
  • Incremental quadrature encoder with index (ABZ)
  • Scalable resolution up to 14-bits
  • Electronically programmable index for ease of alignment


Frameless stators and rotors

  • Developed for applications requiring high power in a compact form factor and minimized weight
  • Designed to optimize weight & size in assemblies
  • Facilitates integration into customer's designs
  • Available as modified standard or full custom configurations
  • Infinite customization available