Aveox's ERP driven, vertically integrated production operations streamline prototyping, new product introduction and mass production. Lean production operations reduce time-to-market and strict AS9100 process controls insure the highest level of quality. 

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  • Model to part programming
  • 3 CNC turning centers
  • Multi-spindle
  • C- Axis milling
  • 2 CNC milling centers
  • 4th axis machining
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Rotor Manufacturing

  • Magnet Bonding
  • Rotor Sleeving
  • Composite wrapping
  • Electronic Balancing
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Stator Manufacturing

  • Winding
  • Coil Insertion
  • Forming / Termination
  • Varnishing (Vacuum/VPI)

Motor Assembly 

  • Brushless
  • Custom housing/ frameless
  • Encoder and Resolver Calibration
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Electronic Assembly

  • Climate controlled ESD
  • J-STD-001 certified operators and inspectors 
  • Automated conformal coating


  • Key Suppliers are Third Party Certified (AS9100, ISO9001, NADCAP, etc.)                    
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  • Manufacturing schedules driven by ERP
  • Inspection accompanied by lot traceability 
  • Detailed work instructions for each assembly 
  • Acceptance Test Procedures on critical parts 
  • Final Inspection to insure conformity